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these are drafts written since 2007 that never made it to actual posts. i have certainly grown since writing these thoughts but felt that, in sharing them, i could also re-live these moments and see myself just how far i've come from the person i used to be. all are unedited and posted as they were first written.

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Case in point
Tuesday, December 16, 2014

​Case in point. I couldn't take a thing back that was said and even if I could, would it really matter?  Words are embedded once spoken and it's always the worst of them that stick the best.  I'm sorry for that.  Do you see now why I strive to keep silent?  I don't want to be the one leaving wounds that won't heal.  I'm still trying to mend myself.  Can you find a way to erase the memory and let us start over without anger or resentment?  I don't want to lose you again.



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