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these are drafts written since 2007 that never made it to actual posts. i have certainly grown since writing these thoughts but felt that, in sharing them, i could also re-live these moments and see myself just how far i've come from the person i used to be. all are unedited and posted as they were first written.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

​There are good thoughts too, you know.  I'm not always filled with confusion and frustration.  I think of how there are a handful of people who I let down at times but always seem to have my back anyway.  I have a great job and I get along with everyone I work with.  We make a great team despite some of our clashing personalities.  Music offers me solace like nothing else... well, besides my new hobby of painting... which I need to be doing more.  I ran two miles last night and then did a twenty minute intense workout and felt proud.  I'm beginning to push myself more.  I have so much good in my life that sometimes, I take it for granted only focusing on the negative.  I'm trying to change that though.  



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